Korean Chapter 1, Lesson 1: Consonants


안녕 everyone. I will be teaching you the basics of Korean.

I’ll give you a brief background of myself. I am a native Korean speaker who was born and raised in Jeollabukdo before I moved to the United States when I was 5. Even though I moved to the States at a young age, I maintained my fluidity of Korean by constantly indulging myself in Korean literature and tv shows and by speaking only Korean at home.

Before we dive into the lesson, I’ll also give you a background of the Korean Language. The Korean Language is a language isolate, meaning that linguists have not found any linguistical connections to other language families around the world. Throughout history, the Korean Language was influenced heavily by the neighboring Chinese Language, adopting their writing system and their vocabulary. Because the Chinese writing system was too complicated to learn for commoners, King Sejong of the Joseon Dynasty invented the Korean writing system- Hangul.

For this lesson, you will learn about the consonants of the Hangul.


ㄱ         g- as in “ghost”

ㄴ         n- as in “no”

ㄷ         d- as in “dog”

ㄹ         r/l- as in “rain” or “lame”

ㅁ         m- as in “mom

ㅂ         b- as in “black”

ㅅ         s- as in “suck”

ㅇ         null/ng- as in “sing

ㅈ         j- as in “joe”

ㅊ         ch- as in “chimp”

ㅋ         k- as in “key”

ㅌ         t- as in “tot

ㅍ         p- as in “pain”

ㅎ         h- as in “high”

Besides these, there are special consonants like:

ㄲ        gg- as in “skin”

ㄸ        dd- as in “stall”

ㅃ        bb- as in “spit”

ㅆ        ss- as in “see”

ㅉ        jj- as in “pitcher”


That’s it for your lesson. Remember that whether you want to improve yourself or not is your choice.

“If you don’t study now, you’ll work in the heat when it’s hot outside and you’ll work in the cold when it’s cold outside.”

Some link(s) to help with pronunciation:

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