Hindi Ch1 – The Alphabet : Lesson 1 Vowels

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Lesson 1: Vowels

Before you start learning Hindi, let’s start off with the basics. Hindi is written in Devanagari script. The first step of any language is to learn its alphabets, similar to other languages, Hindi has its own alphabets known as Hindi Varnamala. Hindi is normally spoken using a combination of sounds – vowel, consonants, nasalization, and aspiration. These sounds are represented in the Devanagari script by 52 symbols. This consists of 10 vowels, 2 modifiers, and 40 consonants. This sounds daunting at first but don’t worry, learning is a process that takes time. I recommend studying 5 letters a day to fully get used to using them. It should take approximately 10 days to be able to comfortably use Hindi letters. Just like in English, Hindi script has vowels – these are the building blocks of any language. Lets get started!


The Hindi alphabet has 10 vowels and 2 modifiers show below. The symbols shown below the alphabets are known as “matra” symbols. Matra symbols are used when vowels and consonants are written together. [2]

Hindi Vowels


  a s in alarm

  aa as in artist

    i as in i

    ee as in feet

    u as in put

ऊ    oo as in spoon

   ri as in riddle

     ae as in paper

     aae as in crane

   o as orange

   ow as in owl

अं    am as in umbrella

अ:  aha (rarely used in English)

(I’ve attached links that show how each vowel is pronounced)

 End of Lesson

Well that’s the end of todays lesson. I know that this might be alot to take in at first but diligent practice will help you towards your goal. Have a great day and I’ll see you next time when we go over Consanants and other aspects of Devangari script in more detail!

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