Korean Chapter 1, Lesson 2: Vowels

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Hello everyone. In the last lesson, we covered the basics of Korean consonants. Thus, So for this lesson, we will be covering the basics of Korean vowels.


ㅏ- a as in “spa

ㅑ- ya

ㅓ-  eo as in “suck”

ㅕ- yeo

ㅗ- o as in “core”

ㅛ- yo

ㅜ- u as in “you

ㅠ- yu

ㅡ- eu as in “hook”

ㅣ- i as in “read”

ㅔ- e as in “set”

ㅖ- ye

ㅐ- ae as in “bet”

ㅒ- yae

Besides these vowels, there are combinations of two different vowels to make another unique sound called diphthongs.


ㅚ- oe as in “schön(German)”

ㅟ- wi as in “we

ㅢ- eui sounds somewhat like “we

ㅘ- wa as in “wash”

ㅙ- wae as in “wave”

ㅝ- weo as in “woman”

ㅞ- we as in “way”

For the next lesson, we will be learning how to form syllable clusters.

That’s it for the lesson. Remember that whether you want to improve yourself or not is your choice.

“If you don’t study now, you’ll work in the heat when it’s hot outside and work in the cold when it’s cold outside.”

Helpful links for pronunciation:



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