Ch 1 – The Alphabet: Lesson 2 Consonants P2

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Namaste (नमस्ते)!

Today we are going to go over the next group of Hindi consonants. This group is called the Palatals. A Palatal consonant is consonants that are articulated with the tongue raised against the hard palate. Today we are going to go over च ca, छ cha, ज ja, झ jha and ञ ña.


image ca           Pronounced as ‘cha’.

Ex: Caabe (चाबी) (Key) is pronounced  ‘cha-bee’


imagecha    An aspirated version of   च ca.

Ex: Chaatr(छात्र )(Student) is pronounced ‘chaa-tr’


image ja Pronounce the ‘j’ as you would in English (ex : ‘Jade’). Pronounced as ‘ja’

Ex: Jeb (जेब )(Pocket) is pronouced as ‘jheb’


imagejha  An aspirated version of ज ja.

Ex: Jhooth ( झूठ)(Lie) is pronounced ‘jhooth’


imagena Pronounced as ‘na’

Ex: Namaste(नमस्ते)(Hello) is pronounced as ‘naamastee’


End of Lesson

10 down, 23 more to go. You’ve got this. Once again it is important to practice both writing and speaking these consonants. I recommend writing out each consonant at the minimum of 10 times to get the feel of how each one is written. Have a great day everyone!


Best Regards,


Manish Balamurugan




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