Ch 1 – The Alphabet: Lesson 2 Consonants

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Lesson 2: Consonants

Hey Everyone!

It’s been a while since our last lesson but by now you should have all Hindi Vowels mastered (or memorized) by now. If not my advice would be to go back and practice writing and pronouncing each vowel. Today we are going to talk about Hindi Consonants. Below each consonant is linked with a pronunciation plus an example word that uses said consonant. Since the number of consonants in Hindi is fairly quite large I say that we learn it step by step. We will be going over consonants in groups of 5. It may sound painful at first but I promise that with continued practice and diligence we can have the fundamental knowledge required to go onto the fun stuff like basic phrases, greetings, etc. Today we will be going over; क (ka) , ख (kha), ग (ga), घ (gha) and ङ (ṅa).  This set is known as the Gutturals. The word guttural means “of the throat”. This means that the pronunciation of these consonants come from the throat.  Well here is today’s Daily 5 Enjoy!







image ga






End of Lesson

See that wasn’t so bad! Keep practicing every day and you’ll get the hang of it!  know that this might be a lot to take in at first but diligent practice will help you towards your goal. Have a great day and I’ll see you next time when we go over  5 more Consanants and other aspects of Hindi pronunciation in more detail!

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