Spanish Lesson 2: Articles

Hola! Welcome back to Languo Spanish. For this lesson, we will dive into articles, and even learn some vocabulary words!

Just like English, Spanish has articles. While English only has one definite article, the, Spanish has two: el and la. This opens up a new concept that, while not unique to Spanish, is foreign to English: grammatical gender.

Grammatical gender is a system of grouping nouns by assigning them a “gender.” While this sounds complicated it is actually very simple. When referring to a masculine noun, use the article el, and when referring to a feminine noun, use the article la.

Here is a list of your vocabulary words for this lesson: (articles are added on to show each word’s gender)

La vaca: the cow

El perro: the dog

El gato: the cat

La leche: the milk

El granjero: the farmer (male)

La granjera: the farmer (female)

La granja:  the farm


As you may have been able to notice, word gender follows a loose pattern. Generally, if a noun ends with an o it is masculine. Generally, if a noun ends with an or and it is feminine.

PLEASE NOTE: There are exceptions to the above pattern. While it works with most words, there are irregulars to remember. We will explore those next lesson.


That’s all for your second lesson! See you next time!

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